Canada_map Newsweek's Overview
Published by NewsWeek 2021-06-28
Opinion piece titled: Guardianship Abuse is Elder Abuse .

New York AG Impotent
Published by CityLimits 2018-06-05
New York State Attorney General lets down victims of Guardianship.

20 minute Documentary.
Published 2019-07-02
Made by activist Teresa Kennedy with several case examples.

Nevada Conspiracy
Published by NewYorker 2017-10-09
Judges and nursing home staff collude with government appointed private Guardians/Trustees. Without any medical certification they declare their victims incompetent and abduct them from their home within 35 minutes. Family are locked out of the process while assets are stripped.

One of those guardians was April Parks and her reign of terror has been captured in a 2019 documentary...

Here are the news stories of April Parks chronologically presented by a Nevada TV station...

Finally Parks got sentenced to 40 years.

Irina Kristy of Massachusetts
Published by son Greg
Ongoing case similar to the movie "I Care a Lot". She still has capacity so there is hope her son can help her turn around the injustce.

Gertrude Getinger of California
Published by son Robert
Ongoing case with a hearing coming up 02 March 2022. "The ultimate goal was to take over Gertrude’s estate which consisted of a 6 unit apartment building in Hollywood CA and approx 15 bank accounts with over one million dollars... read about the sheer corruption and dishonesty by Los Angeles Superior Court and all the lawyers involved" .

Dark Comedy Movie
The following is a promo trailer for I Care a Lot.

Britney Spears
The world renown singer announced in 2021 that she is going to court to attempt to free herself from the guardianship/trusteeship of her father who since 2007 has controlled her life and finances .

The following is a promo trailer for the Sky documentary...

The following is a free three part fan-made documentary...

USA Activists
Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship is an activist and support group.