SA Ignores Interstate Precedent
Published by NationalTribune 2024-03-24
Many High Court precedents have ruled that state Tribunals cannot exercise jurisdiction where an applicant lives in another state so, accordingly, SACAT has no lawful jurisdiction to accept an interstate application, but SACAT thumbed its nose at this Constitutional violation to expand its powers.

SA Incompetence
Published by ABC 2019-02-10
Client's account drained of thousands of dollars because of negligent inaction of her Public Trustee estate officer.

SA Corruption
Published by ABC 2018-01-23
Government Trustee estate officer, Marie Bartels, jailed five years for stealing about $30k from deceased clients. However activists think she was a token sacrifice by the department in order to deflect from the many other more serious complaints.

ICAC Suggests Overhaul
Published by ICAC 2018-03-09
ICAC makes recommendations to Trustee in response to the token corruption conviction of Ms Bartels and more than 30 complaints of their officers. These 19 Recommendations are supposedly "for preventing or minimising corruption, misconduct and maladministration in public administration" but activists would have preferred further prosecution.

SA Accounting Fraud
Published by Seven TV 2014-10-06
Public Trustee accounting fraud exposed in a submission to the Federal Productivity Commission by Chris Jenkinson ( PDF or DOC ).
Subsequently Chris provided this evidence and questions to the SA Statutory Authorities Review Committee (SARC) who then requested SA Public Trustee to answer those questions. The Trustee then lied to them in a contempt of Parliament yet SARC published those lies online while leaving out Peter's contradictory evidence. See his detailed comment at the bottom of this FaceBook comment thread.

SA Senate Orders Inquiry
Published by Murdoch Press 2008-11-16
Former supervisor in the Office of the Public Trustee blew the whistle on an "appalling" culture of maladministration. He told parliament's Statutory Authorities Review Committee about becoming the target of abuse and bullying because he attempted to manage the work of his employees and their performance by ensuring the tasks set were carried out and the reports and audits were completed correctly.
An audit confirmed errors in 120 client files he kept records of and another whistleblower testified with similar experiences.

SA Trustee Hijacks PoA
Published by Seven TV
Beryl Watts had sudden onset of dementia after an operation went wrong. In the resulting paranoia, she anulled her daughter's Power of Attorney, giving it instead to her deceased husband's ex-financial manager. When he retired, the Trustee took over rather than restore PoA to the daugher. Beryl passed away in 2019.