NT Uses Flawed Cognitive Test
Published by ABC 2023-11-15
Indigenous woman with brain injury had her cognitive capacity tested with an Anglo-centric biased test. She had a compensation payout they would not let her fully access, keeping her unecessarily below the poverty line.

NT Public Guardian Says Underfunded
Published by ABC 2023-11-17
Despite rising number of clients, the PG has not had increased government funding and service for clients is suffering as a result. The article does not say but, if like other states, Guardianship clients are not charged, only Trustee clients are and that is via a means test whereby they are often overcharged in order to subsidise the rest of the Public Guardian & Trustee operations.

NT Tribunals Veiled in Secrecy
Published by Radio National 2006-08-15
RN programme (Law Report) says there is/was a blanket ban in QLD, SA, NT whereby even if personal identities are anonymised (like in the other states) media are forbidden to report on any Tribunal hearings. QLD reformed but I am unsure of SA & NT.

NT Trustee Control Muso Estate
Published by ABC 2022-02-02
The estate of late musical legend Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu (founding member of Yothu Yindi) was handed by the NT Supreme Court to the Public Trustee when nobody else was prepared to take on financial administration. Nothing sinister about that but it remains to be seen whether they will let go if someone does decide to take on the role.

NT Mainly Indegenous Clients
Broadcast by ABC 2022-03-15
"The stats tell a common story: [in] The Northern Territory [in] which we see an an over-representation of indigenous kids in incarceration [and] adults in incarceration, there's an over-representation in the Guardianship system too and the Public Trustee system: 77% of people under the Public Guardian identify as indigenous in the Nortern Territory"
-- Fran Kelly (host) on The Drum, Tuesday 15 March 2022 @24m4s