Summary of NSW Issues
Published by SydneyCriminalLawyers 2023-06-06
Four Corners ignored NSW but here we have a fearless journalist exposing how the state is the worst in Australia regarding property sell-offs Also discussed are the problems with the legal system most/all of which apply to other states but have never been aired by media before.

Royal Commission slams CEO
Published by ABC 2023-02-18
NSW Public Trustee & Guardian CEO found in a Disability Royal Commission report to be responsible for abuse and neglect of three residents in the care of a group-home run by an NDIS provider she was head of. The Ombudsman was also criticised by the RC for his role. Nevertheless NSWTG had no qualms in hiring her soon after (on a $355k salary) and in fact the Attorney General praised the appointment although soon after the state election the new AG had the decency to pull that web page down.

The video below is a surreal AI generated allegory inspired by this story:

NSW Client Regains Control
Published by Fairfax 2020-01-10
Attorney General seeks internal review for ten years of financial mismanagement of client . Mother of the victim speaks out.

NSW Trustee Being Sued
Published by ABC 2019-09-25
Son claims his 93yo mother was duped into changing her will by the Public Trustee to make them her executor so that they can charge $24k for their "service" even though private trustees have their fees capped at $5,636.

NSW Corruption
Several cases of financial abuse of clients. Also an excellent source for understanding why the Trustee/Guardianship system is flawed and open to abuse and why state politicians (nationwide) fail to act.

NSW Client Dies in Squalor
Published by Fairfax 2019-01-29
Trustee controlled the finances of a mentally ill pensioner but neglect to release funds to maintain his home the condition of which probably contributed to his death. Then they had the gall to charge fees after that .

NSW Exorbitant Executor Fees
Published by Illawarra Mercury, Fairfax 2019-08-27
Woolongong family brought their mother to NSWTG for advice whereupon the 87 year old, heavily medicated, mentally impaired woman was taken aside and secretly made to amend her will merely so that NSWTG could extract triple the market-rate executorship and admin fees upon her death.

NSW Greens Q&A with AG
In 2016 formal questioning of NSWTG mismanagement results in a run-around by the Attorney-General. Greens have not followed this up. This is still more than Labor or The Coalition have done in NSW.

Jon Blake
Published by Fairfax, 2011-06-03
Rising-star actor Jon Blake received $9.5m after a car accident in 1986 left him paralysed. The Office of the Protective Commissioner (now called NSWTG) took control of his $9.5m insurance payout and Guardianship - the above article notes his mother's battle with them to regain control for the family. The video below describes the inheritance battle his son had (unrelated to NSWTG) with her boyfriend once his mother died.

NSWTG Scathing Reviews
93 ProductReview website members gave NSWTG an average rating of 1.2 stars out of 5. The final Google cache is shown above, rather than the actual site, because after four years it looks like NSWTG have finally bullied the site to remove reviews on 11 March 2021. The following are older archives...
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